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Train Driver Preparation Course 


Our Train Driver Preparation Course offers you the most efficient and flexible way to become a UK train driver.


A career as a train driver in the UK can be rewarding, with attractive salaries once qualified reaching over £60,, along with fantastic employee benefits. Becoming a train driver requires no formal qualifications, however getting through the processes and the course material can be tough.  The average driver training duration can be up-to twelve months with a typical pass rate of 1 in 4.


However, e-Train have developed a unique e-learning package that allows you to study at your own pace, in your own environment, all developed by industry leaders. All our material can be accessed through smartphones, tablets and modern desktops or laptops. We promise to be with you every step of your e-Train journey. We have created a modern way of  learning that prepares you to become a professional driver with online guidance and support.

Not only do we provide the training material, we will also support you in securing employment as a professional train driver once you have completed the e-Train Train Driver Preparation Course and assessment. We are so confident in our unique and flexible methods of learning, we will also reimburse you once you have been appointed in full-time employment as a UK train driver, through e-Train.

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