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Bespoke self learning services

e-train bespoke e-learning courses are designed to fit your training needs and budget.  At e-Train, we believe in producing clear, concise, easy-to-use and well-designed e-learning material that communicates intended learning messages effectively.​

Working with subject matter experts, we are experienced in identifying your training needs and applying a learning format that engages the user visually and interactively. We believe that a good training solution is one that creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for the user.



Tailored fit


A bespoke course allows you to mould it’s design and content to fit perfectly within your organisation, whether that be as a brand new addition or as a bridge between existing modules.


“Freedom for us = freedom for you”




High quality does not mean big costs.

We have a team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience making the cost of products affordable and effective.


“Once the product is designed, it is yours to keep, no management fees, no IPR, simply all yours”




We create self learning designed to engage and inspire your learners - that means interactivity and flow far beyond the tired PowerPoint style courses of the past.

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